Was the Canada vs. Russia Summit Series of 1972 a historic milestone for Canadian hockey?

I have to do an essay on this topic for grade 10 history. I'm going to say "Yes, this series was a historic milestone for Canadian hockey", but I need some facts to support it. P.S My essay has to be 4 pages hand written, so I need some good facts to support my answer which I can expand on easily. Thank-you very much (:

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  1. unindurated says:

    Maybe a little different from a what happened story. Read (from your Library) Ken Dryden’s book “The Game”. He covers what the mindset of players was during that period. Another good read is Brian McFarlane’s “Team Canada 1972: Where Are They Now?”. These give some insight as to what the series meant to the pivotal people involved. From a hockey fan’s aspect the view of world hockey took on a new meaning.

  2. homoeophyllous says:

    Game one, held in Montreal, ended up 7-3 Soviet winningGame two, held in Toronto, turned out 4-1 Canada winningGame three, held in Winnipeg, was a 4-4 tie.Game four, held in Vancouver, was played poorly by the Canadians. 3-5, Russians in the lead, the Canadians were booed off the ice.Phil Esposito made this quote soon after: “To the people across Canada, we tried, gave it our best, and to the people that booed us, geez, all of us guys are really disheartened, and we’re disillusioned, and we’re disappointed at some of the people. We cannot believe the bad press we’ve got, the booing in our own buildings. If the Russians boo their players… Some of the Canadian fans, I’m not saying all of them, but some of them booed us, then I’ll come back and apologize to each and every one of the Canadians, but I don’t think they will.During a two-week long hiatus, the Canadians played two exhibition games versus the Swedes, at the Hovet arena, located in Stockholm. Canada won the first game 4-1, but the second game was a 4-4 tie. In the second game, Wayne Cashman got his tongue cut open, which required about fifty stitches! Overall, these two games helped pull Canada together as a team after the 4rth Russia-Canada game.Game five took place in the Luzhniki Ice Palace, as well did the rest of the games. Canada lost 5-4, facing Canada with having to win all three of the remaining games to overall, defeat Russia. Despite the loss, 3,000 fans sung in unison, “O Canada” as Team Canada left the rink. Perreault and Martin had left the games to focus on going to the Buffalo Sabres training camp.Game six took place, also, in the Luzhniki Ice Palace, 3-2 victory for Canada. Prior to this, the team was upset over a shipment of beer which was believed that the Russians had delibrately “lost” at the airport.Canada won game seven 4-3, in which a fight broke out between Gary Bergman and Boris Mikhailov, in which Boris commited somewhat a sin in hockey: He used his skate as a weapon, kicking Gary twice before the fight broke up.The eighth and final game was the breaking match. It was 3-3 games with one tie. Towards the end of the third, period, the score tied, 5-5, the Soviet delegation informed that, if Canada and the USSR teams tied, victory would go to the Soviets, who would claim the win on goal differential.In the final minute of the final game, it looked like the Soviets had this one, but suddenly, 34 seconds to go, Henderson put the rebound behind Tretiak, and scored the final goal. This moment was known as the “goal heard from around the world”, and was captured by cameraman Frank Lennon. The picture then became one of Canada’s most prized and greatest photographs. My favorite quote from this event was by Frank Mahovlich, who said, “If you give the Soviets a football, they’d win the super bowl in two years.” I don’t know why I like this quote, I just do.Good luck on your report!-Griffin2212

  3. sagittal says:

    Very much so. In the eyes of some the FLQ was gaining a lot of momentum whichcould have caused the seperation of Quebec from the rest of Canada. (sorry guys Iknow we’re not supposed to discuss politics in here, but it plays a role) Insight canalso be derived from the book < < Home Game >> by Roy McGregor + Ken Dryden,one of my favourites. Try doing your own research, and good luck with your project.

  4. bereton says:

    Yes it was. Almost every Canadian was glued to the set watching the games. Probably more than watching the Olympics. In fact school children were let out of school when the game were played in Russia, so that they could watch.

  5. kaszeta says:

    obviously. Not only was everybody watching it but they came back from 3-0 (losing the first 3 on home soil no less) to win the series 4-3 (and a tie)