AP BIOLOGY ESSAYS… pleaseeeee helppp!?

any and all help will be greatly appreciated! pleaseeeee I understand the basic concepts and the majority of it but my APbio teacher is new and a littttleee crazy about detail, so pleaseee help!what is ATP? describe its structure and explain how it is utilized for cellular work using the pertinent reactions involved. Discuss the mechanisms involved in the production of ATP during cellular resp.Discuss the following experiments of Mendel including results and conclusions:a. Monohybrid Crossb. Test Crossc. Dihybrid CrossDiscuss the structure and biological importance of the following organic compounds:a. carbohydratesb. proteinsc. lipidsd. nucleic acidsExplain how molecular interactions of photosynthesis transform light energy into chemical bond energy. Include in your discussion the stages of photosynthesis, their interrelationships and the important structures involved. Discuss evolutionary adaption of plants to increase the efficiency of photosynthesis.Proteins are major building blocks of all living organisms. Discuss the following in relation to proteins:a. the chemical composition and levels of structures of proteinsb. the roles of DNA and RNA in protein synthesisc. the roles of proteins in membrane structure and transport of molecules across the membrane

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    ATP stands for adenosinetriphosphate. It is a nucleic acid that essentially has 3 phosphates attached to it. The bonds holding the phosphates to adenosine are high energy bonds; when they are broken, they release usable energy for the cell or system. carbs- are also known as sugars, they are basic hydrocarbons that are used for energy storage. They consist of several carbons, that sometimes form a ring: hydrogens attach themselves to the carbons. Energy is stored between the bonds.proteins- are complex macromolecules that are made up of a chain of amino acids: proteins are used for structure of the body. i.e. muscle, skin, hair, nail,s all organs etc. They may also be utilized by metabolism as a ”last-resort” energy sourceLipids- are high energy hydrocarbons; they store a lot of energy between MANY C-H bonds. A lipid always consists of a glycerol, and 3 fatty acids. a monosaturated fat has one double bond and a polysaturated fat has two or more double bonds—-Oh my goodness, there’s no way I can do all of these: my suggestion: check out wikipedia, or your ap bio book. Also, I H I G H L Y recommend picking up a Cliff notes ap bio workbook. It’s yellow and black, and costs about 10 dollars. It’s a great alternative, and a greatly condensed version of your book- I wouldn’t have survived ap bio w/out it!—-This is extremely basic molecular biology, please take the time to do this work yourself!