Persuasive essay on black holes HELP!?

I have to right a persuasive essay on black holes, I need 2 things that support my opinion and one opposition. The only thing is.... how can I be persuasive about black holes. Aren't they just a fact of astronomy? Please help!

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2 Responses to “Persuasive essay on black holes HELP!?”

  1. octoploid says:

    a persuasive means you have to say why both sides are right and why both sides are wrong and how. in this case. block holes, exist. or not. you have to say why you say they exist and why they dont and then have to back up your reasons.

  2. xpowers says:

    My guess is that you’re supposed to argue whether they exist or not.Supporting Details:1. I know for a fact that they exist because they give off X-Rays, which our scientists can detect quite easily. 2. Also, we know that they are there because they have violent effects on any visible stars or planets near them because the black holes jerk them around with their gravitational pulls.One Opposition:1. An opposition to these two details would be that we have never actually seen a black hole, which is a reason they are still considered to be a theory.