Why are my dreams of constant studying?

I'm a college student that's constantly writing essays. some nights i am dreaming of words to put in my essay's. if i just write them down i would have the perfect essay. why am i dreaming like this? is this normal?

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  1. bobotie says:

    Yes, your dreams are entirely normal. You are focusing so intensely that you have both conscious and unconscious mind engaged in your studies. When you sleep, your conscious mind rests, and your subconscious mind becomes active, sorting through your thoughts and experiences of the past days. In your case, these involve your studies and writing. You are right in thinking that the words and phrases you come up with in your dreams might be helpful, but they are not likely to amount to “the perfect essay.” That impression is part of the dream itself, a wish-fulfillment responding to your desire to excel academically. Still, it would not hurt to keep a notebook beside your bed to record any fragments of your dreams that remain upon awakening. History is full of tales of great ideas and solutions to problems that came to people in their dreams.