TEENS: Does it sound preppy/girly/over-dramatic/val… to say this?

Please give me an honest, real answer. Please don't give me a stupid answer to mess with me. So if I were writing an essay to read out loud to my class, and I were talking about a fake person, or a fake thing, does it sound stupid/preppy/valley-girl/girly to say that person or thing is "CGI" (Computer Generated Imagery)

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5 Responses to “TEENS: Does it sound preppy/girly/over-dramatic/val… to say this?”

  1. aphorises says:

    It doesn’t make you sound like anything but to be honest, it doesn’t make much sense to me. If you’re referring to something fake or fictional, I would use another word. I would only use CGI if you were actually talking about that. Otherwise, it seems like it would be out of place? But I don’t know the context so if you think it fits smoothly, go for it.

  2. nonvocational says:

    You didn’t specify what your essay is about. If it is about something concerning CGI, then yes, it does make sense. But otherwise, that probably isn’t the best term to use.

  3. nag's says:

    No… that’s the real term and so it’s not any of those things.

  4. uramido says:

    Nope… I use abbreviations like that all the time in essay questions. None of the above fits the term you used.–Kara :)

  5. perididymis says:

    Its an abbreviation. How is that going to make you sound girly? And why the f*ck are you so worried?Lmfao.