Are you FOR or AGAINST Capital Punishment?

im writing a paper 4 english im against it cuz- innocent people get death pen- its expensive 2 put a person through death pen- some people have mental problems/retardation etc' if ur mom had a mental problem and she killed someone, would u like to see her executed cuz her mental problem? would it be fair?- life in prison is better cuz killing them is a quick way out. they can sit in a small 1 x 1 cell and thinka bout what they have done and rot in their cell. and maybe become someones *****? - ppl say its a deterrence but its not tru cause states with death pen actually have higher crime?help me for my essay please any more ideas?

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  1. fluently says:

    Those are excellent points. Here are some others you may want to use:- It is inconsistently and arbitrarily applied.- Because the U.S. is one of the last remaining nations with capital punishment, many other countries refuse to extradite known criminals who should be standing trial here.- It fosters a culture of violence by asserting that killing is an acceptable solution to a problem.- Jesus was against it (see Matthew 5:7 & 5:38-39, James 4:12, Romans 12:17-21, John 8:7, and James 1:20).- Life without parole (LWOP) is on the books in most states now (all except Alaska), and it means what it says. People who get this sentence are taken off the streets. For good.- Whether you’re a hardened criminal or a government representing the people, killing another human being is wrong. Period. “He did it first” is not a valid excuse.I hope that helps – good luck on your paper!

  2. abashedness says:

    Take a look at the effect of the death penalty on families of murder victims. You might think that they want the death penalty but that isn’t necessarily true. Some are against it on moral grounds. But even families who have supported the death penalty in principle have testified that the drawn-out death penalty process is painful for them and that life without parole is an appropriate alternative.Here’s a quote from the Director of New Jersey’s victims service agency. (His own son was a murder victim.):”In my 15 years as a victims rights lawyer, I have represented many murder victim familiesin death penalty cases, and the additional anguish caused by the justice process is overwhelming.When I first see a client, I silently pray the prosecutor will decide against pursuing the death penalty, but not because I am against that form of punishment. My prayers are for the victims and the hope they will be spared the pain, isolation and despair the death penalty process inevitably will bring.”In recent years, families of murder victims have been actively involved in campaigns to abolish the death penalty. In Colorado, for example, they spearheaded a campaign to end the death penalty and spend the money saved on solving open murder cases. See [external link] …Another surprise is the effect of the death penalty on people who participate in executions. For example, Dow Hover, the last executioner in New York and New Jersey, eventually committed suicide.

  3. reputed says:

    I’d be for the death penalty if they would do the actual execution within 6 months of a conviction. As it is now, it’s actually cheaper to put a prisoner in for life than put him on death row and let him rack up legal costs in appeals.

  4. intelligibleness says:

    -what innocent person got the death penalty? name that person.-its 10 times more expensive to keep a prisoner housed fed and healthy than it is to kill him.-ALL murderers have mental problems (do normal people kill others?)-there is no such thing as a 1 x 1 cell, and wouldnt that be cruel?-it IS a deterrence. if they are dead how can they rape and kill little girls any more?i dont think youve thought this through, or youve been lied to.

  5. stomatal says:

    Have you researched on the netThere are hundreds of good links.I am against it as an innocent man is found guilty too often – 119 in the USA since 1973.Most recent case here was that of Stephen Truscott. [external link] … [external link] … [external link] …