How can I write a word document but without buying microsoft word?

I need to type an essay but I can't use word since I can't buy it, so I want to use a different type of program to type my essay but for free?

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9 Responses to “How can I write a word document but without buying microsoft word?”

  1. arrogancy says:

    you may download beta version of MS Office for a free 30 days trial, or even try one of the free editing tools such as Notepad++ that saves your document in .doc format that can be read by MS Word

  2. foursomes says:

    use openoffice frre [external link]

  3. kinnaird says:

    If you don’t want a full suite like open office, try Abiwordit is similar to ms word [external link]

  4. quinsyberry says:

    You can download OpenOffice, it’s free. It’s not quite as great as Word, but it is free and will get your essay typed. :)

  5. peninsularity says:

    You can always use Live Office by signing up for an account at it is the official word program, free to use online. Currently Microsoft offers Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and OneNote online. once you complete the document and save it online, you can download it to your computer or put it in an online share folder, etc.

  6. redelivering says:

    open office is basically a free version of word, only not as good.

  7. wobblies says:

    You can use wordpad that comes free with windows and saves as a DOC file. It is much more limited than the full version of Word, but the basic functionality is there and you do not have to install a huge bulky program like OpenOffice

  8. phthongometer says:

    If you have Microsoft Works on your machine, Works Word Processor can produce .doc files. Here’s how:1. In Works, click the File->Save As menu item.2. Set the Save as File Type list box to Word Document.3. Save the document.Note that this will create a totally new document. It will not affect any existing document.Hope that helps.

  9. bipolarize says:

    [external link] . It is a full suite of office applications, including a word processing program. It can both open Microsoft Office files (including MS Word) and Save As MS Office files.