What are good arguments for animal testing for an argumentative essay?

Im working on a argumentative essay and need some help with a thesis a counterarguments, and arguments. For if animal testing should be used for medical research? i need help and quick please

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  1. attorned says:

    If you FOR animal testing you could argue that is it the quickest most reliable way of getting a product/treament to the clinic. It is the most representative model of how the human body. Models have been developed and tested over decades so are reliable. They are relatively cost effective and can highlight any problems before being give to people.AGAINST you could argue that there are many in vitro alternatives. Many ingredients have been tested before so no need to re-invent the wheel. No animal will respond exactly as people so unnecessary. Costly & cruelThese are just a few ideas but you could look at this link for more info: [external link] …

  2. overdelicacy says:

    well what stance r u taking?pro or against it?