Help with thrush! It doesn’t seem to go away?

HeyI got diagnosed with thrush about 3 months ago (I was in so much pain, burning every part of the day, even worse when i went for a wee, kind of a yellowy, creamy discharge), i tryed about 2 oral tablets and 2 pessaries, it still didnt go! so i went to the docs who diagnosed me with bacterial vaginosis and got some antibiotics but still was really sore. I ended up going to the GUM clinic at the hospital where they screened me for STD's and they all came back clear, so the women diagnosed me with PID (Pelvic immflammatory disease) but i don't think i actually had it but i took all the antibiotics anyway. She also said i had a case of thrush aswell so she gave me another pessary but the antibiotics and pessary did kind of stop the soreness. My bf had tests done too and all his came back clear and we haven't had sex for weeks.I am now on my period and i havent been that sore till today (the soreness hasnt ever gone away but it felt like it was getting better in the last few days unti today) and i think i may have thrush again, ive stopped taking my contraceptive pill (microgynon) because i think thats what might of been giving me thrush for all this time. Does anyone have problems with this pill? Do you thinks it's ok for me to take an oral tablet or pessarie again? if so what one is best? and can i take the oral tablet while on my period?Sorry it's such an essay lol!Help please!I'm 18 btwThanksxxx

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4 Responses to “Help with thrush! It doesn’t seem to go away?”

  1. terroristical says:

    You Poor thing! Thrush is just awful and if I had ever had it for as long as you have I would be going crazy. I think you should either go back to the doctors or you should buy a branded tablet/ pessaries. Canesten Duo is good. I found I tended to get thrush if I used cheap tampons. I always buy a branded type now. The new Tampax Pearls are really good. Good Luck x

  2. sparth says:

    What sanitary products do you use? If towels, some of them are horrendous at causing thrush – as are some tampons. Its a bit hit and miss finding ones that don’t cause a flare up – generally I find the more expensive branded ones are best. Also antibiotics will cause it too. You can take Diflucan when on the pill and period etc – and its very good (ask for the generic version at the chemist – much cheaper). Good luck.

  3. unenterprising says:

    See how you get on when youve settled after coming off the pill. You may be doing something that makes it re wearing the wrong underwear. Invest in some cotton pants (unsexy I know). I gave mysekf a dose of thrush after having a hot bath with glugs of bath syrup which Ive never done again, so only wash in warm water with a mild soap. Avoid the pill if poss- it plays havoc with your hormones. I had so much trouble with mycrogynon i came off and went back to the humble jonny

  4. kozdron says:

    You have my sympathy. It’s all got a bit much now so you are probably really sensitive.You sound as if you started off with cystitis actually, those symptoms sound sadly familiar.Either way, the antibiotics for BV/cystitis always give me thrush so it becomes a 2 week episode to sort it all out. There’s no point treating the thrush while you are taking the antibiotics, best to just use the cream to cool the area until the tablets are finished. I find that the most effective thrush treatment is the pessaries in the triple dose, so taken over 3 consecutive nights. It’s sometimes easier to get them on prescription, as although they should be available over the counter, not all chemists seem to sell them. You can take the oral tablet while you are on your period if you prefer that.Cut down on your sugar and yeast intake, thrush is a fungal infection so they will ‘feed’ it.Bathe and wash the area in plain water only, and don’t use those pads with ‘odour control’ as they often have perfume added. Seems crazy, but my daughter found that the heat from her laptop kept triggering her thrush! Since she stopped having it actually on her lap, things have been better. Good luck.