How to download microsoft word for free?

I need to type up an essay for school but I my microsoft word has expired & I can't really afford to buy it , is there anyway I can download it for free? Thanks

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8 Responses to “How to download microsoft word for free?”

  1. planksheer says:

    Just use Open Office. Its legal and free. It will open and save as dot docs and is completely compatible with Word, plus you get the full office suite.This is the correct download site;Open Office [external link]

  2. YAEL says:

    There’s loads of MS Office alternatives, the following are just some of the free ones…Open Office – [external link] Office – [external link] Docs – [external link] – not a download, it’s an online serviceAbiWord – [external link] – [external link] – not a download, it’s an online serviceSSuite – [external link] Web Apps – [external link] … – not a download, it’s an online serviceLotus Symphony – [external link] …Software is one thing where the sayng “you get what you pay for” is not true. A lot of people give freely of their time and talent to make sure no one goes without good free software.People who need who steal software and encourage others to do so have no idea of any alternatives apart from stealing it and are not helping anyone.It’s very rare to get caught downloading illegal files, but if you are these people will not be in court besides you and they most definitely won’t be paying the fines for you. The most you can expect from them is a post saying how nasty Microsoft, the RIAA and MPAA at al are.

  3. affirmant says:

    That would be illegal. If you can’t afford to buy it, you can’t afford to pay the penalties.Libre Office is a free, legal, open source office suite that’s compatible with MS Office. It can open files created by MS Office and save in the same format.

  4. tjjones says:

    [external link]

  5. fearable says:

    Download vuze from, then go on google and type ‘microsoft word torrent’ and open the torrent file which will automatically go to vuze. Then once it’s downloaded go to my documents, vuze downloads and install it. The pirate bay is a torrent website, although has been blocked by many service providers thanks to the FBI. Search a few different torrent sites as they dont always work.

  6. altaid says:

    Try Open office. [external link] …

  7. architectonics says:

    [external link]

  8. knobwood says:

    I dont have idea. If someone got couple guides could like to know of those myself as well.