I need help writing a conclusion. Please help if you can. The essay is over bullying.?

Please Read This **Bullying is a big problem in America and all around the world. The statistics show that if bullying is cut down, then tons of lives would be changed and the number of suicides would drop down by a serious amount. I believe that if we could start with getting it out of schools, and the walks to school and back, then we make a difference and a huge impact in somebody’s life. To make this happen, we will need to work together. I think that if all the bystanders, the teachers, and the parent of both the bully and the victim helped, then hopefully school bullying could someday be less then what it is right now. First of all, the bystanders are the students who just stand there and watch the bully pick on all of his victims who have a smaller build than himself. If a few of those people were to stand up, take action and let somebody know, then not as much of this torture and terror would go on. The bystander could grab an adult or an officer so that they could take care of the problem, or they could step in and try to take care of it them self. If that were not to work, then they could become friends with the bullied child and then they could stand up to the bully together. He could also try to become friends with the bully himself and talk him out of the bullying. Secondly, the teacher could be helpful to this problem. They could either break up the bullying or grab an officer and have him take the bully down to the office or escort him out of the school. They could also be more cautious by monitoring the halls a little bit better and watching for any bully incidents. They could also be even more helpful by walking with or near the bullied child down the hallway to his next class. In addition to these ideas and tips, the teacher could contact the parent(s) of the bully and the bullied student. Not only the parents, but also the superintendent, the principal and vice-principal, and the counselor should know about the harassment taking place and who the bully or bullies are. Finally, this last body paragraph will be about parents and how they can contribute to the situation of bullying. One way that they could definitely help is by picking up and taking their kid, who is being bullied, to school. This way, the child is not tormented, either on the bus or while walking, on his way home from or to school. The parent could also get in touch with all of the bullies' parents and ask them to do something about their child. If this does not work, then another thing that a parent could do is contact the principal and have him suspend or expel the bully. If the child is still being bullied after all of this happens, then the best thing for the parent to do would be to transfer their child to a new school.** I know that it is kinda long, but please, I need help. Thanks

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    Usually the best conclusion is to summarize the opening paragraph.”I believe it is possible to reduce bullying from the school system. I think that if all the bystanders, the teachers, and the parents of both the bully and the victim helped, then hopefully school bullying could someday be less then what it is right now.”