How to get into stanford, brown, or cal?

I am 16 and a Junior in high school. I think I have a pretty good shot of getting into all of these school because I: -high SAT -#1 in class-good recommendations form teachers -I have a legacy at Brown- I know the head of the Admissions Department -I have a 4.2 GPA- I am a competitive tennis player- I know the Brown Tennis coach- I am a so cal resident- I have a job at a cheese store- I have a job teaching tennis- I volunteer for wheelchair tennis- I am taking AP classes - I am on the High Honor Roll - I write very good essays - I am a NOLS graduate- I play an instrument- I was just admitted into Stanford summer school and another NOLS course I think I can get into these schools... My principal said that I had no chance... What do you think?

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4 Responses to “How to get into stanford, brown, or cal?”

  1. Arhauaco says:

    You have a 4.2 WEIGHTED and you are at the top of your class. WOW. What school do you go to? I have a 4.19 and I am not even close to being at the top of my class. I’m probably in the upper middle. people at my school have 6.0 weighted GPAs. I know Stanford throws out your freshman year as well as any weights on your GPA and only counts core subjects such as English, Science, Math, History, and Foreign Language. Anyway, if you don’t have above a 3.85 unweighted don’t even apply to Stanford as you will probably not get in. They usually accept mostly 4.0 unweighted GPAs (straight A’s) and high SAT ( over 2220) scores and you have to be super elite at everything you do.As for Brown, it is another highly competitive college but the fact that you do have a legacy is a plus. Also, are you planning on playing Brown tennis and getting a scholarship. If you are awesome at tennis and they could accept you there for that. Anyway, apply to all of them because it can’t hurt (besides some money, but you can always make that back). Good luck though and I hope you make it in.

  2. talentless says:

    Well I don’t see why he/she would say no chance. It is very competitive to get into them, but you would definitely be what they are looking for. I won’t say no chance, but just know that there is no such thing as a shoe in with those types of schools. Nonetheless, if you apply to many elite schools, with your resume, you are bound to get accepted to one of them. I think your principal just meant for you to not get your hopes up because many qualified students do get denied acceptance.

  3. rleayed says:

    It’s all depends on how you view it. If you have the right attitude then I’m sure you’re 50% in already… But it seems to me that you can pull some strings.. Can you not? Why are you listing all this and asking if you have a chance when you already know.

  4. stablemen says:

    well u do work at a cheese store so…….lol jk i think u do,idk what’s up with your principal…..what ever u are majoring in try to focus your ec’s and anything else on that,it will show u are dedicated to that field.