Question about our future …?

Ok I am writing in response to the prompt: What's a challenge your generation must overcome and how will you deal with it?I am discussing job loss, and the difficulty of finding jobs. One of my main points is that technology is taking over many jobs, such as mail and post office related jobs, and also small things like cashiers at supermarkets (there are a lot more of those self-scanners). If you have any more ideas of traditional human jobs that are now being replaced by machines, please tell me.Another point I am focusing on is that if the economy is bad, this forces business owners to cut back on available jobs. Therefore there are less jobs open, and more people because of population growth. I plan on including some statistics on population growth.But mainly, I need some information about what will happen if there are too many more people than jobs? Will the economy slowly fail? Or will it just stay the same? Please help because my essay will sound stupid if i do not discuss the significance of the topic i chose.Any suggestions are greatly appreciated :)

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  1. histidx says:

    I can’t give you any specific suggestions, but I think you should look up the novel “Player Piano” by Kurt Vonnegut. It’s about a dystopian future society where people have been all but replaced by machines. Machines do everything that doesn’t require relative judgment or creative thinking, like engineering or managerial work. I think you’d find it interesting :) .I’m sure there are factory jobs in which humans are being replaced by machines. And yes, the economy will continue to fail if the population keeps increasing and job supply doesn’t keep up with job demand. It’s a vicious cycle – an employer eliminates positions because of financial trouble, the unemployed person is unable to find work because everyone else is having financial troubles too, the unemployed person loses money and is unable to afford to buy things, the companies that produce the goods and services lose money, so employers have to lay off workers…

  2. seroalbuminuria says:

    Hi, There are many problems that we are facing and will face in the future. However, if you want to have a good analysis, you shall not look at the problems in front of you. Remember, the evil is in the details. In other words, you must go to find the MOTHER/ROOT of that particular problems. I disagree partially with the analysis presented here. The problems that human faces nowadays is not overpopulation and inability to eat. Nobody can force you to have 100 children if you want. Nor can you be forced to eat a quarter of rice bowl once every two days. This is the problem with our analysis. We always judge thing based on what we see, rather than on what we haven’t seen. Not everything can be seen in a flash. Economy won’t fail if there are too many people. This is a fallacy in thinking. Blaming on babies that are born in this world. This is just the same as people who would like to blame the cow for having carbon signature on earth. This analysis, I am afraid, is rather premature. The mother of all problems that we are facing is INJUSTICE ad GREED. If you are an economist, then let me put it this way: The problems that we are facing nowadays is distributive justice. Resources ARE ENOUGH for everybody. Do not worry for people who keep living in this world. Technology develops overtime. We can produce much more that we can put in our belly. But the problems nowadays is DISTRIBUTIVE JUSTICE. Many resources (be it financial, intellectual, etc) goes to a few hands. This will create imbalance in the economy. The only way to fix that problem is to revamp the way we think about distribution of wealth and to strengthen law enforcement. I believe, market will be more efficient and just if we implement that in our society. I hope this could enlight the body of your essay. Good luck for your essay.

  3. sportswriter says:

    too many people + not enough jobs –> poor & unhappy people –> – bad economy bc not enough taxes to collect and no one’s buying stuff- more sick people, since people can’t afford insurance- more crime, people stealing stuff to make up what they don’t have- more psychiatric problems – inability to deal with stress- less political power – the country can’t run itself well with not enough money, other countries stop looking up to yours

  4. antiae says:

    Factory jobs, especially in the auto industry, are being taken over by machines, creating less job opportunities for factory workers. The world’s population is indeed rising at a staggering rate. But is this a bad thing? It was predicted decades ago that by now the population would have exploded and be unsustainable, but this has not happened. Advances in technology and farming have helped greatly. Some scientists say these advances will continue to come about and aid us as we populate the Earth even more.The problem is often not the population itself but its distribution, and the distribution of resources. We have too many people where there isn’t enough food etc. Here in America, the population is sustainable. And actually, an increased population can lead to MORE job opportunities. The more people we have, the more manufactured goods and services we will require, creating the need for more jobs.The danger is that these jobs will become increasingly low-paying and the majority of the population will fall closer and closer to poverty level. This is especially true in regards to immigrant labor, those who come in from other countries and are willing to work for low wages. Outsourcing is also a significant cause of job loss.

  5. reinterpretation says:

    The essential problem and one which should be addressed is the continued boom in population growth worldwide. We are now becoming so unsustainable that I foresee within our lifetime, the poor will die of thirst initially, then the middle class will follow.