Emergency! what should i do to write my essay [due tomorrow]?

i am an as level english student & i have this essay i have been procrastinating all half term about. now the deadline is tomorrow and i just realised. it's an essay on two anthology texts that are describing a tourist destination and i have to compare the two texts. the problem is i have no idea where to begin. i don't know what to write and it's due first thing tomorrow morning- please help me with anything. thanx

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4 Responses to “Emergency! what should i do to write my essay [due tomorrow]?”

  1. isagogic says:

    1) scrap paper, give yourself a goal of one hour to get down as much info as you can, don’t worry about accuracy now.2) write good points and bad points about each text…and write the first things that come into your head.3)Write down every key aspect that is described in each…again, just write, don’t think.4)Now write which text gives the most information and the least. (important to just write the first things that come into your head, continue in this way)5)Which is the most and the least appealing, ETC.6)Now, you have your essay in rough, so plan your structure, intro ETC.7)Well done, the hardest part is over, so give your self another time goal to correct mistakes.8)Type it up.Thinking about it is the hardest part, once you get stuck in, the idea’s will flow!

  2. ezekiel says:

    its NOT an emergency

  3. gammoning says:

    Yu could:1) stay up all night and do it;2) procrastinate and see what happens;3) phone a friend and copy hers;4) go on-line and buy a ready-made essay;5) just write a couple of sentences: ‘This account of the destination is rubbish, whereas the other is fab….I like the fab one.’

  4. uncrystaled says:

    Google it and the information that you get put it into your own words and in different order so it is not plagiarism