Successful legaisation of buying alcohol? BEST ANSWER WILL BE AWARDED?

Countries like Angola and Vietnam have legalised buying alcohol for all ages. What are some successful countries which have done this? How are they successful? Successful meaning the alcohol related crime rates have gone down. Please include facts and figures. This is for a PSHCE essay on Drugs in the UK. I will award 10 POINTS for the best answer. Thank You. x

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  1. oboe says:

    In this country (UK), in order to be licenced to sell alcohol you have to agree to upholding the four licencing objectives, one of which is ‘the protection of children from harm’. I can’t see any practical good to come from being able to sell alcohol to children apart from on the part of (the almost certainly) corrupt authorities who’s primary concern is having less things to police. All the time there is alcohol available there will be alcohol-related crime, and a lot of times the perpetrators of such are also under the influence of drugs, the two often go hand-in-hand. Of course, if you went the other way and banned alcohol there would still be people of volatile character who would still go off at the slightest provocation and they would just find other excuses for those behaviours instead of having had a few too many. Plus, if younger people are able to drink, particularly to excess, these people are not going to have the experience to control any anti-social urges and later on in life are almost inevitably going to have serious health problems, which is why any government with the slightest sense of responsibility would never entertain selling to children.

  2. sitiomania says:

    I have researched this myself and, whereas it’s not too difficult to find out which countries have which restrictions, it is far more tricky to find out about alcohol-related crimes. Even if you decide on one specific kind of crime, there are all sorts of factors that make comparison difficult.For example, there are far more driving while under the influence offences in the USA (as a percentage of the population) than there are in the UK. But that doesn’t prove that it’s necessarily the USA’s draconian drinking laws that are having this negative effect – although it might be a contributing factor. Public transport in the USA is poor compared with that in the UK and so people simply have to drive more; more driving must equal more accidents. Similarly, there are more crimes of violence in London than in New York – but the definition of violent crime is not the same. In the UK a crime of violence means an attack on a person; in the USA it means an attack that results in personal injury. The links I show will help you