How do you write a thesis-driven biography?

I understand how to write a thesis-driven essay, but I don't understand how a biography could have a thesis.

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  1. nitrosamine says:

    Tough assignment. Tough. Great teacher, though. I’d chose Franklin or MLK, Jr. Your links will likely be limited, you will have to read books, biographies, or Franklin’s autobiography, but a lot of books to read and cite. You could discuss “Martin Luther King, Jr.: Civil Rights though Peaceful Means.” Or with Franklin:”Benjamin Franklin: The unrecognized Genius.” (Get the Time Mag. Cover Story on Franklin from within the last 5 years I believe. Start thinking like this.

  2. dampening says:

    What you do is formulate a thesis about the person’s life and support it it in your biography. For example. if you argue that the persons relationship with a parent was the driving force behind their success, you get as much evidence as possible about how that parent was a role model. Did the person choose a college or spouse that the parent would approve of? If so, did that school or mate, end up helping the person quite a bit?