Short story ideas using magical realism? HELP?

i have to write an essay for english using magical realism and i cant seem to think of any ideas that would work! ugh this assignment is soooo frustrating! i just dont know what to write about and how to use magical realism! pleeeeease help! :/

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  1. skiptail says:

    Maybe something concerning the witch hunts of the 17th century. The idea of magic made people shed their outer coats, and their true fears reared their ugly heads. Make something tragic, like a lost love, or better yet, make a family member get accused. Show how the pain warps the main character, and transforms them. Then, to top it off, introduce them to real magic. Have them see what their loved one was imprisoned, even killed for. Make them see what they lived with for oh-so many years.

  2. succubi says:

    Stories by Jorge Luis Borges, Gogol, and Maupassant might be just what you need. Most of the Latin American authors are reputed to have excelled in that genre.