Hi, i’m conducting a survey on what people think is the meaning of life?

Also, please state your influences in the 'source box' below your answer :) Thanks! Some influences could be your religion ie Christian, Buddhist, your social group, job etc :D If it's too too personal, you don't have to put it in but yeah. It's for an essay and i'm using it to support my response hehe.

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7 Responses to “Hi, i’m conducting a survey on what people think is the meaning of life?”

  1. builder says:

    Wow, what an interesting question. Therefore, quite a challenge compared to others I have answered.What comes to mind is that the “lack of” is what defines life, essentially death, which is something we can’t answer after we go. I also envision my enjoyment of the movie “The Bucket List”. As I don’t want to spoil it for others yet to see it, yet briefly describe it. So, what I will say is that it is about two men (Jack Nicholsen and Morgan Freeman) meeting each other in a hospital room, both on their death beds due to their terminal disease. Jack is a rich single multi-millionaire, while Morgan is a typical middle class guy with a family. Having befriended each other, they come up with the wild idea to take a world class trip to see sights and do things before their time comes. Physically, they can travel and do these things as their illness did not stop them. Jack has the money, as well as a private jet, so they go off to see, do, and experience what a lot of money can buy.So, as I get older, I can relate to enjoying and doing these things. However, while materialistic enjoyment can be fun, I also envision my desires of what I truly want to do before my time comes. As I see my parents age, as well as my sisters and darling niece, I truly cherish the times we can enjoy being with each other. For instance, a most memorable experience recently was a trip to Disneyland and Sea World. One can always enjoy themselves at such parks, but it’s the experience created by being with those whom one cherishes and cares for that makes it memorable. Fast forward and imagine being on one’s death bed. What is it that you would like to see and/or do and with whom? Unless you believe in reincarnation, there is believed to be just this one chance to experience things before your time is up. In summary, I believe that we create that “meaning” by the experiences we have before our time is up. Treasure each moment before life passes you by.

  2. mishandled says:

    to serve as a lesson to others

  3. betty-an says:

    “My advice to you is not to inquire why or whither, but just enjoy your ice cream while it’s on your plate – that’s my philosophy.”

  4. triclinium says:

    This life is test for all of us to recognise and obey the Almighty God. Every moment is a test. Few may be tested by wealth, poverty, health problems, death of the near and dear, loss of property and so many things. U cannot find an individual who is not undergoing this test of this life. Be it George Bush or Bill Gates or a poor man from Ethiopia. This is God’s plan for all of us. Same time humans are given a Free-Will to act. He/She can go right or wrong. She/He can do good or bad. It is our duty to Find out the right way of living using our intelligence. Otherwise no meaning, we live like animals, act on basic instinct and reflexes which gives no meaning for the thinking power we got.

  5. affectious says:

    The meaning of life is to live, learn, and die. Living is the easy part for us, those in the developed countries. Learning is harder. Death comes naturally… We do not need to worry about it.Define “learn”: To know, to ponder, to find (the answer)Genetic mutation and such in science is not the answer. The answer is in the many wise quotes made. The ones that you do not understand are the best quotes of all time… You will learn from them. You will ponder, and find, and therefore know.That is the meaning of life.

  6. bleat says:

    One of two things:A movie by Monty PythonWhatever you choose to make the “meaning” of your life.What life “means” is an individual thing, there is in absolute, single, meaning to life. Most people that ask this question are seeking a singular answer that they can follow and apply to their lives, so they don’t have to use their own head to figure it out for themselves. Then there is the point that humanity isn’t the only life form on Earth, so the meaning of life, in general, is to survive to reproduce and to live as long as possible

  7. rewager says:

    To live…however YOU percieve that is the meaning of your life