Quick Interview needed with any type of computer engineer pleasee for a paper due tomorrow! Please just 5 min?

My paper is due tomorrow, and I need to interview a professional in the career we have received to write about. I have received computer engineer of any kind, and I have finished the whole essay, besides for the interviewing a professional. Please I ask a computer engineer kindly for 5 minutes of your time to please answer these quick questions. Please and thank you!a. Name of the person being interviewed.b. Name of the company.c. Number of employees at that location.d. Date of the interview.e. Job description and how it may have changed during their employment.f. Education and experience needed by the person.g. Entry level earnings.h. Amount of math used within this job.i. Amount of writing used within this job.j. Company policy on being late to work.k. Company policy on dress and appearance.I appreciate your help. Thank you.

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