Julius Caesar Intro to essay (tell me what you think)?

In William Shakespears Julius Caesar, the character Caius Cassius is seen as very manipulative and persuasive to two other characters during Act I. Marcus Brutus and Casca are the two weak souls who are greatly influenced by what Cassius says to them and they both consider changing their ways because of this. Cassius's influence on these two characters is the beginning of the end for Caesar and Act I of Julius Caesar shows how manipulative Cassius is and in what way he performs his persuasive acts.(Let me know if you know what the thesis is)

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  1. gelignite says:

    you should know what your thesis is – otherwise you probably don’t have one.I would say your thesis is the last sentence though.But you should tell HOW he performs his persuasive acts – not just that he does. The thesis is basically your entire argument compressed into one sentence.

  2. calder says:

    looks like you did your homework