Please help with AP history homework?

Can you PLEASE help with an AP History essay test that is due tomorrow! I would love if i had either 1 difference and 2 similarities or 2 differences and 1 similarity that can be easily supported in an essay. Here is the topic:Compare and contrast the status of women in Islam with Christianity.orCompare the contrast religious ideas with any one of these universalizing religions: Buddhism or Christianity (would prefer Christianity)Thank You and a best answer will be chosen

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  1. metagraphy says:

    Your first instinct – comparing women in Christianity vs. Islam – I think will give you more to contrast. Just think of all the headlines in recent years (particularly with regard to the Taliban in Afghanistan) – how Muslim women MUST wear the full burkha and headscarves and so forth. They can’t be seen by a male doctor (and women physicians are no longer able to practice, at least when the Taliban were in full swing.)There’s a lot of information you can find relatively quickly on the internet. Some key words to use in your search: women + subjugation + Islam, etc.Of course, when you compare them, it’s not all fun and games for women in Christianity, either – many societies still hold women down, and base it on various parts of Scripture. And let us not forget the double standard.It seems you will of necessity need to paint rather broad strokes for such a broad question. Obviously, the way women are treated in Afghanistan is not the way they are regarded in, say, Beirut or Egypt, where Muslim women (as far as I know) still wear Western attire. Yet they’re all Muslim. So make sure your teacher knows you know there’s a broad range. You might offer up the extremes – just one way to treat this question – and so I offer the Taliban.Good luck!