How can I quote a document in the middle of an essay ?

I'm writing a DBQ (Document-Based-Question) Essay on The Industrial Revolution. I haven't used any quotes throughout the whole essay, but I'm on my last body paragraph and I want to inclue a 2 sentence quote.Here's the section of the paragraph:Thousands of people began to die, that it came to the point where ... THIS IS WHERE I WANT TO PUT THE QUOTE. ( sorry for caps, lol)So I'm asking can I put the quote in mid-sentence? Should I cite the source of the document (even though I'll be marking each paragraph with each document number) ?Thanks

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3 Responses to “How can I quote a document in the middle of an essay ?”

  1. nybblize says:

    If you’ve used any factual information that isn’t common knowledge, you should have cites. Meaning you should easily be able to do something of the sort:Thousands of people began to die, that it came to the point where “THIS IS WHERE I WANT TO PUT THE QUOTE.” (Parenthetical citation) (or foot note, depending on the style than should be used.) Then, at the end, use a works cited/bibliography

  2. tannalbin says:

    Yes you can put the quote mid sentence by embedding the quote. And yes cite the quote.

  3. orthoceratoid says:

    Go buy the most recent version of the MLA or APA style guide. It will be your best friend from here on out and it’s worth every penny because you WILL use it for every single essay throughout high school and college.