My Chances at Harvard University?

Chance me! Its almost the end of Junior year and if I keep going the way I'm going this is what I predict. So what are my chances?Objective:• SAT I (breakdown): 2150; CR:790 M: 679 W: 690• ACT: 33• SAT II: 2100• Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0): 3.9• Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): TOP 2%• Senior Year Course Load: IB DiplomaSubjective:• Extracurriculars (leadership in parenthesis):Upward Bound (no leader)Be a Leader (no leader)NFL (no leader)Best Buddies (President)NHS (no leader)Girls Tennis (Co Captain)Girls Volleyball (Co Captain)Student Government (Vice President)Blue Planet Society (President)Student Body Vice President Time 4 Tolerance (President)Yearbook (Editor and Chief)Big Sisters (President)School newspaper (Editor and Chief) • Job/Work Experience: One summer at fry's and junior and senior year worked part time at Starbucks (didn’t work at Starbucks during the summer though)• Volunteer/Community service: 300+• Summer Activities: Worked freshman year and sophomore-senior an Upward Bound summer program. • Essays: Really well written • Teacher Recommendation: Amazing my teachers loved me• Counselor Rec: Very Good• Additional Rec: (N/A)• Interview: I thought it went wellOther• State : Arizona• School Type: Public• Ethnicity: Hispanic• Gender: Female• Income Bracket: Less than 30,00• Hooks: First generation

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5 Responses to “My Chances at Harvard University?”

  1. vacua says:

    Probably not bad! Apply anyway.

  2. promiscuous says:

    I think you have a really good shot. You are an under-represented minority but it’s clear you’re not relying on only that to get in. You have a lot of activities and are really active in your school. Your scores are good and so are your grades. Harvard also loves IB diploma candidates. They also like first-generation students. Best of luck for the future!

  3. supermaterial says:

    Your test scores should be fine considering you have so many leadership positions. Plus, your hook of low income bracket + first generation + hispanic female will help a lot.Good luck!

  4. theron says:

    Your SAT scores are a bit low, but everything else looks really good. I’d say you have a better than average chance of getting in, but the odds are still against anyone applying to the top three Ivies. Choose your backup schools carefully — you should be able to get into many of the top schools in the country.

  5. enrichet says:

    It looks good to me. One thing I would suggest is thinking about expunging some of your minor interests to spend more time on major interests and school. This will protect you from burnout, and give the admissions officers an idea of where your interests lie. Start applying now for scholarships, because even if you get in, full scholarships are pretty much non-existent and Harvard is expensive. And of course, have at least two back up schools.