Socialism or Capitalism in the US Constitution?

I have a philosophy essay to do, and this is the topic. I understand the question but I am not too familiar with the US Constitution. Can anyone help me? I need some examples, something to start with. "Considering the opposed social/economic/political systems known as ‘socialism’ and ‘capitalism’, which of these two systems of government are more consistent with the principles of human freedom embedded as assumptions in the Constitution of the United States of America?"

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  1. remigate says:

    A little bit of both. At times of prosperity, capitalism abounds. During hard times, such as the great depression, there was a lot of socialism. The constitution is somewhat flexible and has some leeway for different interpretations.

  2. cullay says:

    Via opposing aristocracy, the U.S. Constitution is a trend toward socialism.Get rich quick schemes in the capitalist business world, (buyouts, IPOs, conglomerates, acquisitions, mergers, and the stock market), do not actually work. Remaining solvent does not actually exist within false economics capitalism.Profit existing in the capitalist business world, or millionaires existing within capitalism, is pathological deception committed by the 21 organizations spying on the population with plain clothes agents, (with covert fake names and fake backgrounds).Actual economics is the persons that are paying the business loans of companies voting at work in order to control the property they are paying for.Capitalism is the psychology of imaginary parents, false economics, and the criminal deception of employees that are paying the bills (including the stocks and bonds, or shares) of companies.

  3. ammunition says:

    First, congrats on your wording, spelling and punctuation. You seem to be a person worth helping.I assume you’re in college. I’lve no idea what you might be looking for in a class in philosophy. I was iin the USAF during WW 2 and amnow in my eighties. Back then, and esp before then, there were many books, especially by Horatio Alger. He was very up-beat and inspirational to millions of young people. He talked about how to go about being successful in whatever you wanted to do.You might check on the records of how many immigrants came herein different time periods.How many men left their families behind while he came here aloneand saved enough money to bring his family here.I read, decades ago, that some people here wrote to their families that”The streets are paved with gold.” They were speaking only of theopportunity to make money and the abilitly to keep it for their own family. That system of freedom was capitalism.I suggest you question some older people who might be helpful to you, if your time permits.Good luck to you. E-mail me if you want.

  4. orobanchaceous says:

    First of all, please ignore j2442j . You will notice by looking at his history of posts that he repeatedly posts the exact same rant about Capitalism being a figment of the imagination…as if a concept is tangible to begin with.Some users above me made excellent points. There is no direct reference to either cap. or soc. in the US Constitution. But research into the lives of those who were involved in its’ creation can give a lot of insight to its’ intentions. I recently Read “Common Sense and the Rights of Man” by Thomas Paine.Paine was a prominent voice during the American Revolution. He spoke adamently against large government and/or government intervention in peoples’ lives. He refered to governments in general as “a necessary evil” that should be limited as much as possible. Paine was a close personal friend of Benjamin Franklin and (the) George Washington. However even Paine had his ‘left’ tendencies such as his support of a progressive tax reform in England (which I disagree with), a system currently in place in the United States, supported by Democrats who tend to be closer to Socialism on the spectrum than (fiscal) Republicans.The general tendency of the Constitution to steer away from government and be free of it – the right to bear arms, the right to refuse refuge for soldiers, etc. – would imply Capitalism (which is the “economic manifestation of freedom” to quote WaterSkipper above).But, it also says “The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; ” The term welfare is a red flag (no pun intended) considering it is capitalized. This can be viewed as socialism but I think that would be a stretch. A government without a system is no government at all, that is by definition ‘anarchy’.I would conclude that the US Constitution has more signs that point to Capitalism than to Socialism.

  5. wasalam says:

    Capitalism, since the constitution is supposed to keep the government from interfering in the dealing of the common people.donh is correct before the depression and the new deal immigrants wrote home of the prosperity one could earn since the us government was out of everyone business. When the Roosevelt’s new deal happened it was beginning of a nanny state, one that was funded by the labors of the prosperous.Studies have show that it was the interfering of the government during the depression that made it last so long.As for the “socialist” clause of “general welfare”. General welfare is consider to be for the good of all and to the deprivation no individual alone.These could be: roads, police, fire department, armed forces; these are example of general welfare since they provide a service to all at a equal cost to all.Socialist programs are: Social Security, Medicare, and Welfare.Those of us of generation x are paying more and more each year into these programs for our “retirement” but they will be bankrupt before the last of us finish college.

  6. padouks says:


  7. benzoquinoxaline says:

    Capitalism is the economic manifestation of freedom, but it’s not that simple. The constitution says that the federal government exists partly to “promote the general welfare.” This is socialism. So, like most people the constitution supports a little of both, not one or the other.

  8. batorfi says:

    The United States Constitution does not mention any form of economic organization. It speaks vaguely of certain freedoms, but those freedoms are more in the realm of human rights. Libertarians would argue that only their philosophy in reflected in the meaning of the Constitution.