Is there any way to lock an internet page so that it will not close or go to another page?

I am starting to get SO frustrated with my computer! There are some college, scholarship, and awards applications that are ONLY online, but do not allow you to save the text on the page, or save your application.IF YOU NAVIGATE AWAY FROM THE PAGE, YOU LOSE EVERYTHING!My computer has these random spaz attacks where it will jump to another internet page, or shut everything down when I am not looking. This is becoming increasingly frustrating when I am halfway done with an application and it jumps to another web page! I AM SICK OF IT!Is there any way to lock an internet page so it will STAY on that ONE PAGE no matter what you accidentally hit or click? It would be nice if it wouldn't close out either.NO I CANNOT COPY MY ANSWERS ONTO ANOTHER WORD DOCUMENT:With so many fill in the blanks, I don't have the time to sit and individually copy every answer into another document. There are also drop down bars which can't be copied. I can copy the big long essay answers into another field, but what about when I'm in the middle of writing them and it switches? What then? I can't copy and paste FROM another document on this particular application.NO THERE IS NO DOWNLOADABLE APPLICATION I CAN WORK ON INSTEAD:This is on ONE INTERNET page, not savable. There is no Adobe or Word document to download.I'm just really starting to get frustrated with this. It has to be done TODAY.

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  1. OPAL says:

    Try a different browser. It may not switch randomly. Google Chrome is a good choice. Otherwise, there dont seem to be any legit apps that can help you.