Blue Ink stains that wont remove!?

hey im in year 10 and on friday i had my after school detention which was from 3.15 - 5.30pm. which meant it was dark when i left school on friday night! :( I got given the detention last week for being rude to my science teacher.....sooo probably deserved.detention was in the english classroom and there was 3 of us there. we got given lines 'i must not .........etc etc. an essay to write and then copy/write from a textbook, which hurt my hand and fingers from writing lots!did 8 sides of A4 on friday night! i did shake my hands and fingers after about an hour, but they still ache and hurt now! Also got bored after about an hour and started to write on the back and side of my left hand so i also have blue biro pen on my hand lol :PAny ideas on a good pen to use - my fingers hold the pen quite tightly so that probably makes a difference? i used a blue biro pen for detention. I just used the same pen for school work, did an essay exam thingy for english and had to write lots, fingers and hand are still aching from the detention after school on friday. and iv still got ink stains that wont remove lol, because my skin is fair (see profile pic) the ink really shows up, if you go to school in the UK then how long are your after school Detentions and what do you have to do in them? its horrible sat there in school uniform writing, when all your mates are home! its soooo weird being in a classroom in school doing work when its dark outside!PS: my parents were phoned by the school to tell them about my detentionkayleigh xxx

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  1. bugloss says:

    One time at work I got some ink on a white dress shirt, it wasn’t a lot, but I used one of those alcohol based, waterless hand cleaner/sanitizers. It worked so well, that I was showing friends by drawing an ink line on the shirt and then dissolving it with the ink with the hand cleaner.My regrets if it doesn’t work, so good luck.