I am so behind with school work but have no motivation to do it?

I am in year 12 and doing my A-levels. I'm taking English Literature, English Language, Religious Studies and Psychology.My coursework for English is in next week and I have several essays to do as well as ones which are already 2/3 weeks late. However I cannot find any motivation to do them, I aren't a lazy person and I have a good social life but whenever I'm about to do work I always find something else to distract me. I deactivated my facebook to see if that helps, does anyone have anymore ideas which could help?

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4 Responses to “I am so behind with school work but have no motivation to do it?”

  1. leucitohedron says:

    Switch off the internet completely to stop getting distracted,listen to music quite loudly with earphones in to stop any other noisetry finding a room in your house where you don’t normally work and shut yourslef in there- tell no one to disturb you.Time yourself, say oen you have finished at least 2 paragraphs of this essay you can go watch 30 mins tv, and then get back to work. Repeat.If your hungry, refuse to let yourself eat until you’ve reached at least 2 pages- you will work faster in order to get dinner/lunch or snack faster. Hope that helps :)

  2. ad-libs says:

    haha oh dear, this was me last year. I also did lit and lang too. I found the best way to make myself motivated was firstly to make a list of all the things I needed to get done (the satisfaction of crossing them off then throwing the list in the bin in the end is so worth it). That will help clear your head about what you need to get done. Secondly, I found that it worked best for me if I gave myself an intensive, something to look forward to. For example, ‘finish this piece of coursework and you’re allowed a bar of chocolate/to watch a film to relax afterwards’. I hope you get somewhere :) thinking in the right attitude most definitely helps too, also – putting on some music that you can just have in the background..not so much something you know all the words to. I’d suggest something like Ben Howard or Band of Horses. Hope this helps :)

  3. linguanasal says:

    Make a list of homeworks, etc you need to do and just work your way down the list. It is very satisfying crossing things off!Turn off your computer and phone (I find that I’m distracted by these things the most! Like now! :P )If you are distracted by noises in your house, listen to your ipod at a LOW volume so it’s like background noise but blocks out other sounds.Make a start on your essays – it is so hard to start (just try writing the title, then the introduction) but once you have, it’ll be easier to continue writing.Don’t start working after 9pm like I do! I ALWAYS regret not starting to do work earlier in the evening!Make the most of study periods at school/college! If find that I do more work in the library at school than at home.If you really aren’t get anything done, ask your parent to sit in the place where you’re studying. Cos they can stop you getting distracted. (I’m considering doing this for my mocks etc because I got SO distracted revising for GCSE’s!)Hope this helps!

  4. submanor says:

    ahahah.. this is me right now! i deactivated facebook also due to thisThe feeling i know i can do it, but for me after facebook music has always been distracting.. you just have to find a way around it and set yourself deadlines