Is this right to be yelled at before the next day is your birthday? Please read story.?

Well first off my friken birthday is tomorrow meaning on September 11th and I'm turning 14 years old and I'm in 8th grade. Here's the story below...My English teacher named Mrs. Savidge sees me during A period and Resource period, and today in Resource period I went up to her when I first walked in and told her what I was talking about before, and Mrs. Savidge goes I'm reading a book, go sit down, and wait for the right time to ask me what you want. Then at the right time I planed there was 15 minutes left of school I asked Mrs. Savidge if I can do my scientific summer for science class on one of the laptops in her room, and she said,'' sure." Then with 8 minutes left of class she says,'' Why are you on google images? I thought you were writing an essay? I said,'' Yes, but the only thing I need is a picture to finished the scientific summer." She says,'' I don't like liars, that's my main rule, and you know by know! I said,'' Yes." She says,'' Would you like this face of mine right in front of you everyday and its only the 6th day of school! I said,'' No." She said,'' I thought so." Now there's 3 minutes till we go home, and all that time she yelled at me I didn't get a picture and then I told her sorry for not telling the truth, and then I left, and I don't know what to do for tomorrow.Then after I got home I left my science teacher a voice mail of what happened in Resource period so when I have her for science during E period I don't get an F when I really did it, and at the end of the voice mail I started crying, because I didn't really think it was right for yelling at me in Resource period. And I asked her if I can go to the computer lab tomorrow during E period so then it can be on time.But I don't get it that my birthday is tomorrow on the 11th of Sept, and I'm getting yelled at by a teacher, and I also got embarrassed because all the kids saw what was going on.Give me your opinion that if you think to get yelled at before my birthday that is tomorrow?

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3 Responses to “Is this right to be yelled at before the next day is your birthday? Please read story.?”

  1. postpay says:

    The fact that it’s your birthday has nothing to do with it. Just because she may have birthdays written down doesn’t mean she’s aware that it’s tomorrow and it still wouldn’t matter if there’s a legitimate reason to “yell” at you. In the real world of life, it doesn’t matter about it being your birthday. If you’re wrong, you’re wrong. Now if you would have told her exactly what you were doing for your project then she would have no reason to yell at you. Actually, you were still working on the project mentioned and I think she may have been a little over doing it with calling you a liar. I also don’t approve of teachers purposely embarrassing a student but you have no control over that. Now that you know how she reacts you’ll be more incline to get things straight.So maybe sit down and write her a little note so you can be discrete and not discuss it in front of everyone. Just explain that the picture was a part of the project and you had no intention of lying to her. Tell her you apologize if there was a miscommunication and that next time you’ll be more specific. She’ll probably be very appreciative and you may get extra “brownie points” for it.Anyway, Happy Birthday……9/11 a date that is hardly forgotten in our world.

  2. carnegiea says:

    Yes, of course it’s right. You were messing about on a laptop during lesson time and you knew you shouldn’t have been. Just because your birthday is tomorrow doesn’t give you license to break the school rules, and it won’t give you license to do so tomorrow when it is your birthday either.If you weren’t messing around then make a complaint to someone, perhaps the deputy head, or go and speak to the teacher who yelled at you for messing around, but if you were messing around then you deserved to be yelled at and the fact it is your birthday tomorrow is irrelevant.

  3. lullabies says:

    Well, I don’t believe you should have been yelled at, as far as it being your birthday tomorrow, how was your teacher supposed to know?Happy Birthday :)