Microsoft Word Document and regular WordPad help?

My hard drive recently crashed which means my Microsoft word document is no longer on my laptop and I have a five page essay due tomorrow. QUESTION: Is there a way to set up my regular WordPad to split pages instead of scrolling one long document?

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3 Responses to “Microsoft Word Document and regular WordPad help?”

  1. nonculmination says:

    Install LibreOffice, which is a free open source suite of programs that mimic microsoft office and support all formats.

  2. renatures says:

    If your document already has page break in msword, then you should not have any problem with page break in wordpad.Check in Print Preview.Otherwise try CTRL+Enter at the place you want page break.The only option I find if both of them do not work, copy paste each page as a separate document and print.

  3. argininephosphoric says:

    Use Office Web Apps for the meantime. Create/Edit your MS Office documents online. Create or upload your documents to SkyDrive where they can be accessed and downloaded by you anytime on any computer connected to the internet. In fact, you don’t even need to have an MS Office application installed on your computer. The documents are saved automatically saved on your SkyDrive folder as you type. [external link] …You can also use the free MS Office alternative called LibreOffice. You can create/read/edit/save in MS Office formats so you don’t have problems with compatibility: [external link]