Comparing Civil rights movements to today’s struggles?

I have to write an essay on comparing and contasting the struggles of Dr. Luther King's fight for civil rights to the struggles today.What struggles are there today that have people discrimianted for who they are(Something besides gay marrige)

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  1. riles says:

    In America men still have a strong preference for male offspring, I would call that discrimination. A perfect baby is a blessing, how can they be so ungrateful? I have never, ever, heard a man complain of female offspring until I first visisted america, in finland where I originate it’s unheard of. We are just glad to have a child!

  2. infiltrates says:

    Separation of Church and State: the right for children not to be subjected to religiosity in schools ie the rights of non-religious people.Women’s rightsGay rights in general – aside from the marriage issue: we;ve come a long way baby – see last weeks CNN story about the gay teen winning battle to bring same sex date to promCivil rights struggles have changed a lot: Hate speech is punishable by a prison sentence in Canada and the UK.Hate crimes (racist, homophobic) are treated more harshly than even premeditated attacks that don’t involve race or sexuality as the motivator – because the legislature has said attacking someone for what they are is akin to terrorism ie not attacking one person but symbolically attacking a whole group.Holocaust deniers have gone to prison for two years in Austria.I think the advent of changing societal attitudes regarding hate speech and hate crimes and the laws associated with it would be a great theme to discuss.Abortion rights and the backlash: my body my choice: my responsibility?White Anglo Saxon Straight Men feel left out and in the absence of any real political lobbying they are LOSING rights and are feeling the pinch. Some feminist activity is damaging white heterosexual men.What about mentioning some of the idiotic moves in the name of equality such as Deputy Prime Minister Harriet Harman’s proposal to close ALL UK women’s prisons – the inference being that women are above committing crime.Domestic Violence Laws are one sided too as are divorce and custody laws and outcomes.The issue of positive discrimination: giving someone a job because of their gender, sexuality or color and screening out more appropriate candidates on that basis.