Disadvantages and advantages to falling in love at first sight?

I have to write an essay on it and I'm drawing a blank. Help!

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4 Responses to “Disadvantages and advantages to falling in love at first sight?”

  1. kyutyca says:

    Advantage: someone special and you feel something upwards themDisadvantage: Unfamiliar, don’t no if you are similar in anyway,

  2. millowner says:

    advantage: you’re in lovedisadvantage: you’re an articial superficial person who’s only impressed by looks rather than achievements and personality and whether or not someone is actually a good person

  3. misexpend says:

    Advantages: That fairy-tale feeling possibly a fairy-tale ending, feeling like you met someone really special.Disadvantages: Feeling superficial because all you know about the person is what they look like,not getting to know the real person missing out on someone else that you could’ve got to know.

  4. waybrigh says:

    i want to say that there are none. but i’m a romantic, ok? keep in mind that this is only my opinion; i’m not a doctor or therapist.DISADVANTAGES: 1. you hardly know the person2. you have not let yourself experience love at a different or deeper level with someone else if you stay with the “first sight” person.3. you may always wonder if you acted hastily, blindly, immaturely or a slew of other reasons for falling in love so quickly.ADVANTAGES:1. you are crazy in love. sometimes, these types of lovers are meant to be together for life. bottom line!2, you just know in your heart that “they” are the one. the Man upstairs made you aware of this. how lucky and fortunate this must be!3. love at first sight gives you the time, freedom and happiness to do other things with your mate. for a lifetime.