What wrong with my flashdrive?

I put a word document on my flashdrive, it has an essay and two pictures on it. When I tried to put it in another computer the essay was really small and the pictures never cam out. I want to know why this happened. If yu know please answer. Thank yu very much.heres some info that might help:Flash drive--Dane elec-1 GBComputer i used to put info on the flash drive--HP laptopWindows VistaIntel

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2 Responses to “What wrong with my flashdrive?”

  1. sideburns says:

    If it is the same version of word you might not have a problem, the person who onws the othe rlaptop will probably have different setting sthan you are used ot.If you are going form let’s say word to works then anyhting is possible. the pictures might be saved as a different file type than the other laptop can’t reconize or doesn’t posses a program to open.Save the pictures as jpegs and nothing else, this way any computer will see themHope this helps

  2. best-of says:

    Same version of MS Word on both computers?Did you copy the pictures onto the flash drive also? Or just the document?When viewing the document on the second computer are you viewing it at 100%Added: Fonts reside on the computer and don’t travel with the document. That is why the font changes, becomes the default.