College essay…. What should I do?!?

I have to use on of these topics:Birds of a feather flock togetherCrime does not payNothing ventured nothing gainedLook before you leapWhen it rains it poursSpare the rod; spoil the childA bird in the hand is worth two in the bushThe essay is an illustrative essay but I just can't come up any ideas... please help me... it's due on thursday!Thanks!

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  1. sockmen says:

    Try the last one.A bird in the hand is woth two in the for images that show a person trying to get something but can’t decide and then two other persons buy them.So the person number 1 lost the chance to pickk just one. ;)

  2. zamolbe says:

    Just write down each one in turn and then brainstorm – put anything you associate with the phrase down on the paper, no matter how absurd it might seem. After you’ve gone through the list, choose the one with the best examples and turn it into a rough draft. Do that today, then revise it tomorrow. Piece of cake.