Hey guys can you help me out i need an article?

in my english class were writing an essay that disputes the points expressed in a persuasive article written for a newspaper, magazine, etc.right now im writing about bigfoot but i really cant write 7 pages on that and id rather write about something i like as in music.so does anyone know any good articles about topics related to music that tries to persuade someone of something, like maybe censorhip being good or music making the youth more violent? (cuz i wanna argue against those 2)any help would be awesome because i looked and i really couldnt find that much on like cnn and stuff but i figure maybe you all know some of those articles supporting the government when they were suing bands for inspiring the columbine shootings, violence, etc. and trying to get them censored or banned. sorry if this questions messy i wrote it in like 30 seconds and i have to go to class.thanks in advance :)

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6 Responses to “Hey guys can you help me out i need an article?”

  1. isident says:

    How about the Judas Priest Trial [external link] …

  2. FileTek says:

    Censorship [external link] …Youth and violence [external link] …

  3. petiolulate says:

    How about led zeppelin, stairway to heaven, cuz thats a popular song and supposedly backwards it’s supposed to be a satan worshipping song… idk, hope this helps!

  4. johna says:

    The PMRC was this group that was all about music censorship back in the 80s. They probably still exist in some form today. I’ll see if any of their claptrap is still around.Okay, below is the transcript to the famous PMRC Senate hearings. In it Sen Gore & Tipper Gore and the like will lay out their arguments and guys like John Denver, Frank Zappa and Dee Snider refute her. They do the work for you.There’s parts where Al Gore tries to tie the teen suicide rate in the US to music. And you thought all he cared about was global warming… [external link] …And here’s a general overview of them. I don’t think the PMRC exists anymore. [external link] …I know you’re in college and you got a lot of other things going on but read the Senate hearing if you can. The allegations made are really nutty. The table of contents is hyperlinked so you can jump right to the interesting stuff.

  5. PFA-NET says:

    Yeah, and you may want to add stuff about twisted sister and the parental advisory group.but really, this question shouldn’t be here.

  6. scutelligerous says:

    I like Jazz’s idea why don’t you write about the disputes against the bands and the PMRC movement and all the political stuff that was going on between the bands and the PMRC.let me see what i can find on line about it i am sure shi*tpedia has something let me see.EDIT:because that’s been going on for YEARSyeah heres the wik thing about the PMRC and the whole bit Rage Against The Machine thing is in there. [external link] …