When is Brutus called noble in Julius Caesar?

I am in an academic grade ten english class, and I am trying to write an essay about how Brutus is a tragic hero in Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar, and one of my paragraphs is about how Brutus changes from a respected Roman to an outlaw. Is Brutus ever called noble by anyone in the play that ISN'T trying to manipulate him? Whenever he is called noble or a 'good man' is when Cassius was convincing him to join the conspiracy, or during Antony's speech at Caesar's funeral. If not, should I just write about his noble actions or his good intentions for Rome? thank you! :)

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  1. antenor says:

    Dear Jelly Bel…,All Roman senators are called noble as a sign of respect and reverence. That is why Mark Antony called him as such; and he did not witness the murderous event for Julius Caesar. Antony is still careful in language during his elegy at Caesar’s funeral, so as not to spark bloodshed within the Senate Forum. Antony has a planning re gathering of 3 military leaders that forms the second Triumvirate: himself, Octavian (later known as Augustus Caesar), and Marcus Lepidus. The primary mission of the Triumvirate is to pursue the assassins that fled already.Other senators (some are conservatives) who sympathize with Brutus’ faction meant that he is good, because he wants to control the power of Caesar… but to no avail. Then, together with senators/accomplices, they have a conspiracy: assassination of Caesar on the Ides of March. Those who were involved are: Brutus, Cassius, Casca, Ligarius, Metellus Cimber, Decius, Cinna, and Trebonius. After Caesar’s burial, the Triumvirate gathers their Roman legions to pursue the rebel leaders, Brutus, et al, together with their rebel soldiers. Finally, the rebels lose in the Battle of Philippi (Macedonia). Cassius and Brutus commit suicide at different occasion. The first orders his freedman Pindarus to slay himself. The other six assassins are presumed captured. As far as noble is concerned, Brutus is NOT really noble due to the fact that he committed conspiracy to assassination.By Edgardo Valentino D. OlaesPS: In the play of Shakespeare, the word “noble” (or honorable) has been mentioned several times by Marc Antony at Caesar’s funeral. He is the ONLY one who used that terminology for Brutus.