How does American high school work ?

I'm not talking about grades, or about the system itself. Just, for example, what are like the class schedules ? Is it true that each student chooses subjects he wants to study at the start of the year and its days are always composed in the same way ?Is there a diploma at the end of the cycle? If so, how is it called and what are the characteristics of it ? Is it hard ?What time does start school for you, and what time does it ends? Do you receive a lot of homeworks from your teachers, like dissertations, essays, etc. ? What are the holiday periods ?What looks like a typical establishment ? Is it composed of several buildings, wide corridors with lockers, classrooms with individual tables, libraries, etc. (as we see in movies) ? Do you eat in a cafeteria or at home ? Are there any distributors of food or drink ?Does the establishment is opened (you can get out and go in town for example, as you want to) ? Does it happens that you have free time between classes ? If yes, what do you do then ?That's a lot of questions I know, but I'm very curious. Just answer what you want, it doesn't matter if that's partially what I'm asking for ;)

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  1. lomason says:

    US HS vary greatly. Most are one large building. but not all.You eat at school. most school are closed. meaning you can not leave till the day is over. If you need to leave the school for illness, etc, you have to sign out. no one can come in unless that go through the main office. some seniors can leave early. sorry too many details to explain. most schools have a cafeteria, many student bring their lunch. In and out of town? US students live at home. Most HS are within 10 miles or less from home. To go on to college a high school must take 4 yrs of English3 yrs of science3 yrs of math- algebra 1’2 and geometry2/3 yrs of the same foreign language2 yrs of history- US and world. Each HS can have graduation requirements. certain classes they must take in order to graduate HS. In our area, all HS students must take four years of physical education classes including one semester of health. There are electives that the students can pick from. the high school my kids graduated from had over 3000 students. My nephew’s HS had under 400 students. our HS has (within one large building) a library, theater, 3 gyms, choir room, band room, orchestra room/ cafeteria/meeting area, tutoring center, teacher offices, teacher lounges, classrooms. Lockers for the students line the hallways. It is a two story building. Outside they have 8 tennis courts, two baseball fields, football field with a track around it. Most high school students have the same schedule each day for one semester. Most HS start around 7:30 and end 2:30-3:00

  2. diagora says:

    American high schools are ALL different. And you do receive a high school diploma ( which you receive in your graduation ceremony) once you have finished high-school but! there are different kinds of diplomas depending what you want. School starts and finishes depending what school you go but most i would say on average is 7:30 am- 2:30 pm now other ender and leaver earlier and stay a lot longer. Its so messed up really. Homework depends by the teacher you got. Some give homework everyday others never other others everyone in awhile. It really all depends on the teacher. the homework depends what class you take some give you essays other just give you articles to read. Every class and teacher is different so its hard to describe school work. the holidays are usually christmas, thanksgiving, easter, and other speciale vents like martin luther kings birthday and summer vacation which varies by state, county or even state. The way the school looks is different by such school some are small others are big and others are so big that there is more than on building for the whole school but this usually doesn’t happen. there are liberties and lockers the tables can be desks or tables usually in a science class there are tables not desks. I would day people usually eat at school and judging by most kinds they dont like the food but you are however allowed to bring you own food if you want. There are food machines in SOME school but its usually ice-cream, chips or drinks in Some schools. No you cannot get out of the school grounds with the exception of some school that let children that are 18 or older to do so but thats only some not many and you cannot get out if you have a doctors appointment and things like that. the time you have in between class you use to walk to your next class and talk to friends if you have the time or you can be late to class and possibly get in trouble beacuse yu are usually given a few minutes to go to your next class. .