Is this a good topic for the essay?

I'm just applying to LIM in NY and the essay was to write 300-500 essay on a sginifcant experience in your life.I'm choosing to talk about teaching the preschoolers in child devlopment class last year, and how we worked in teams to plan age appropate actitvites for them in order to get them ready for Kindergarden. I was also gonna discuss their end of the year graduation and carnivaland other stuff in the middle. etc. is this a good topic for the school im applying for.PS im gonna major in Fashion Merchandising.

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2 Responses to “Is this a good topic for the essay?”

  1. acrobryous says:

    Yes, it is a good topic.

  2. monotonical says:

    How is that your significant experience in life?Think of what people sell and how you bought items of fashion…..Do you like things they sell in the name of fashion? Are they really worth it?Did you buy anything in the name of fashion? Was it really worth it?Or …may be any other topic that is a consequence to fashion which which you really experienced.