What happens if you kill someone during a boxing match?

Im doing an essay on boxing and i need to know what happens if you kill someone during a match.

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4 Responses to “What happens if you kill someone during a boxing match?”

  1. escheat says:

    nothing because both participant clearly understood the risk involved.

  2. noncombatant says:

    Assuming that he was killed by a legal punch, no law has been broken and thus there is no penalty. If the killer pulled out a knife and stabbed the other fighter to death then that’s another story.

  3. Anezeh says:

    There’s a legal principle “assumption of risk” That means that you agree to go into boxing match, you know that you can get hurt, or worse, As long as the person who throws the fatal punch is not negligent.

  4. helyzet says:

    In some cases the fighter deads, but in the hospital, just after the fight.If the fighter is killed, that demonstrate that the corner doctor, coach and referee were blind and never noticed about the bad situation of the poor fighter receiving a contundent punishment.IN other cases, the fighter has some previous problem that can cause an immediate death, just like in other sports, like soccer.The rules of boxing are made in order to try to avoid accidents, but remember that if you are allowed to punch someone in the face, for example, you should know that a very straight punch in the face can kill you or provocate critical hurts, is part of the risk that you must understand prior to go up in the ring.