How do you double space in a document?

I have to write an essay for school in a word document, and I have to have it `double spaced`. So I have 2 questions: 1) What does doubled spaced mean and 2) How do I double space in a document?

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  1. roque says:

    Double spacing normally means having a blank line between every two lines of text to permit critiquing or editing, however, I’ve seen people on Yahoo! Answers swear up and down that their teachers want two blanks between every pair of words. Here’s how you do my interpretation:1. Select the paragraphs you want double-spaced.2. Right-click in the selection and select Paragraph.3. Set the Line Spacing list box to Double.4. Click OK.Hope that helps.

  2. chromidiosome says:

    double spaced is this (enter)(enter)hello (enter)(enter)hello (enter)(enter)hello (enter)(enter)it means that you enter twice the (enter) is where i pressed enter… and if you are on microsoft word 2003 you go to format-paragraph-click on the arrow that says spacing-and click double spaceor if you are using microsoft word 2007 then click on the home tab-then on the ‘paragraph’ section click on the thing that has an arrow going up and and arrow going down (line spacing) and then go to line spacing options and then click below line spacing click the arrow and click double… and press ok and you are done… i hope this helps

  3. Beri says:

    Double spaced is just a blank line between lines. When you get to the maximum end of your sentence hit the enter button 2 times. Every time you hit enter it will go down one line each time. Double spaced documents are easier to read.

  4. propitiations says:

    Using 2007 or Vista. click on the ‘Home’ tab, it is on your upper left part of your window. In the middle portion of the open tag there should be a section called ‘Paragraph,’ click on the lower right corner of that section. A dialogue box should open up. Just before the preview box, at the bottom, there should a section called ‘Spacing,’ it would probably say ‘Before’ and there will be a part called ‘After’. Just to the right of that is a part called ‘Line Spacing,’ clcik on the arrow pointing down and scroll through the options to option ‘Double,’ click on it, it should be highlighted. Click on the ‘OK’ button at the bottom of the dialogue. You are then free to type up what ever you want on your word document.

  5. outfooting says:

    Control + 2 when you’re in the document input window.Adds another enter between lines.