Could somebody please correct and proofread my essay? It’s do tomorrow so please post tonight thx :)?

This essay aims towards planning my personal career. The three sections that I have come across during my research are: Music Instrumental, Camera Operation (television, video, and motion picture), and Audio/Video Equipment Technician. These occupation choices are based upon personal interest, hobbies, and cluster results from my career research. Camera Operator mainly focuses on the editing and recording of videos used for: commercial use, movie production, and television production. Audio/Video Technician focuses on the setup and operating of video and audio equipment for concerts, sporting events, conventions, or any other field that requires the use of audio/video technology. My top selection, Music/Instrumental, focuses on playing an instrument with a group as an individual artist such us a band, choir, orchestra, etc. In the following paragraphs I will be focusing on Music/Instrumental. Being in the musician field may be tough and require a lot of work as for it is very competitive. Using my musical talent and skill, my duty will be to entertain others with a unique and personally adapted sound. As a musician I will most likely work in my home or in a place where I receive the most comfort along with an inspirational setting. I am required to play many instruments, even though my heart is mainly in percussion, and a minimum of 2 years in a basic college. My goal is to go to school for 4 years and to receive my Bachelors degree in a University as it will open many doors for a much greater opportunity within the music industry. I will be able to explore many other sounds and keep an open mind as well as sharing my own unique sound and taste of music to others. In the music industry I will have many advantages. The first advantage I will explain is quite obvious. Simply being able to earn the money I need to keep a roof over my head, food in my stomach, and clothes on my back. My second advantage is experience. Throughout life we are constantly learning and adapting to the choices that set our path for the future. Having music in my life and creating new sounds will allow my self-discipline to be exercised along with the many opportunities and people that are yet to unfold in my future. My third advantage will be to pursue my dream as a drummer in a band. Being able to save money, meeting new people within the music industry, and gaining experience through time will allow me to set the path that I need to achieve this advantage. Money will allow me to be able to purchase and upgrade to better equipment, meeting people will grant me access to booking agents, record executives, labels, etc., and experience will allow me to have achieved that unique distinguished sound that separates me from everybody else. My forth advantage is completing schooling. If I had not complete my college career and tried to pursue my dream on impulse, the resources obtained once completing 4 years of schooling then become invalid. It is nearly impossible to pursue my dream without attending a 4 year University. My last advantage is the advantage of succeeding in life. Being relieved and knowing that I have conquered success within an area of my life with then allow me to continue doing what I want knowing that my priorities are taken care of. Even though being a musician has many advantages, it still has it's disadvantages. One of them is the simple fact that many people are currently pursuing the same career as me. Any one of these people could have more money, a higher Grade Point Average, or even a higher skill level that I have yet to obtain. Another disadvantage is the competition within the music industry. New composers are constantly releasing new material all the time. In order to succeed, I will need to be able to keep up with my material and not get set back too far. My third disadvantage is the constant changes in styles of music and genre. As people and our genetics evolve, music evolves as well. By time I have graduated a 4 year University the styles of music could have greatly changed from my style of music. In order to avoid this I will have to constantly keep informed with current music along with my studies and education. My forth disadvantage is the lack of demand in the music industry. Right now the economy isn't the greatest and most of the demand is in security and the technology industry rather than in the music industry. My final disadvantage is getting known. The struggle of trying to find out ways to make it big and for people to remember my name more than a day. Without being known I would pretty much be helpless. On top of that, if there is nobody to purchase my music, I will have no income. In conclusion, I will attend a 4 year University, earn my Bachelors Degree, and pursue my dream to become a famous musician. I will prepare myself for the hardships that it takes to make it through life and become a successful adult by succeeding in High School and in College. I have fall

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    If I had not completeD my college career By THE time I have graduated FROM a 4 year My FOURTH disadvantage My FOURTH advantage is completing WILL then allow me to continue doing