What is the effect of monosyllabic sentences?

Other than creating tension. "Did fate steal her from me? did she stop? did she lose her way?"i've commented already (on my essay) on the rhetorical questions, and have noticed they're monosyllabic too, so can anyone tell me the effect of this?Thanks :) xx

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5 Responses to “What is the effect of monosyllabic sentences?”

  1. alaikum says:

    You do realize your example is of monosyllabic words, not sentences, don’t you. A monosyllabic sentence would be “Yes.” “No.” “Thanks.”

  2. ceraunograph says:

    I don’t know: why do you ask ?

  3. suburbicary says:

    It could create a certain flow and rhythm to the sentences. Also monosyllabic words are generally more simple, could that be something to do with it? It’s hard to say when I don’t know what the text is in relation to, but I hope those give you something to start on. I’d generally say though, if you’re thinking about it and a reason doesn’t pop out at you, then there probably isn’t one, so don’t milk it dry :) Move on to the next sentence/technique ;) (For example, it sounds to me like stream of consciousness, that would be something to comment on)

  4. chloronitrate says:

    they sound clunky, they don’t flow, disjointed, maybe to reflect the disjointed upset mind of the character?

  5. geoponical says:

    The transmit a feeling of immediacy or urgency to the reader.