My essay due tomorrow. this is what i have so far. peopl look it over and suggest.?

The Tragedy of Julius Caesar Near the end of the play Brutus commits suicide by running into his dagger, while Cassius asks his servant to kill him as he covers his head. Shakespeare added irony to the deaths of these two men by relating the way they lived to the way they died. The two distinct personalities are defined by points in this story, such as the assassination of Caesar, Antony’s speech, and the war. Brutus lived honorably, and died the same. He was always loyal, and took blame for his actions. Brutus wanted a better Rome and would do anything to have that. He failed in the process of trying to better Rome, and took the blame knowing that it was his fault. Brutus had a great friendship with Caesar, which is why it was a shock when Caesar found that Brutus had stabbed him. Unlike Brutus, Cassius wanted to overthrow Caesar not for the sake of Rome, but for what Caesar has become; overpowering, and threatening.

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  1. eultrix says:

    You are in desperate need of a hook. Try a quote or something of the like at the beginning. Also add a little background of the tragedy at the beginning. Write to us as if we’ve never heard of The Tragedy of Julius Ceaser. Otherwise, good textual evidence.

  2. overrapturize says:

    I notice that the assignment requests use of Text Example, I would think you should quote the play, as to show what you are trying to prove. I recall from so many decades ago, that Cassius had that lean and hungry look. Try some of those.

  3. siegler says:

    Congratulations on being on the honors list.== Here is my answer. It has been ages since classes on this subject and maybe the moral connotations have changed in these days.Both men committed crimes and were bothered by conscience.Brutus is the warrior who was loyal to God and Rome, but had a simplemindedness of a warrior molded simply to obey commands. He chose a warriors death by his own sword, the one he used to kill Ceasar, as though he gave Ceasar a chance to kill him too as punishment for his treachery from the other life. On the other hand of the dagger was “Ceasars after life hand”.Cassius, on the other hand, the equivalent “manager -politician in our day and age, took a “punishment by the servants ” way.Remember this all are products of Shakespeare’s mind. We are told that he used analogies from real people , rulers in his time, and simply told those stories using his fictional characters but everybody knew who he was talking about.Cassius was afraid for Rome but really had no other game plan other than to stop Ceasar. Those were all events that were told along the story lines that may portray a similar probablity of the fall of the roman empire. Therefore if Cassius was a simpleton whose mental capacity was so low ( the heirarchy of intelligence in the play was Ceasar as the smartest and Cassius as the passionate but not very bright one), he cannot have a respectable death so Shakespeare portrayed his status by death by a servant.