What does it mean to be a Malaysian to you?

How do you view yourself from an external eye? How do you see your future being in your own beloved country? Do you see yourself? How do you feel about it? Is there you wish you could change? Is there you wish you could bring back? Is there something you wish that you could do more?How does it feel about being in an independent country? Do you really feel free?No comparison with other countries please (I already know what some of you might want to 'add'). I am talking about MALAYSIA, thank you.Looking forward to some unbiased, non-typical and most creative answer... show me your true colors. Don't be suppressed or intimidated. BE FREE TO EXPRESS...If you are a foreigner, feel free to have your say here too... Treat this like an essay writing competition... let's do it!

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11 Responses to “What does it mean to be a Malaysian to you?”

  1. tavola says:

    First and foremost, I cannot say too ”loudly” about this matter.Anyway, on second thoughts…..gaining 2 points is good too…lol….Being a Malaysian to me is good in terms of no real war occurring during my lifetime.From an external eyeview, I see myself trapped helplessly in a world of my own filled with many clowns. I guess that is not so bad when compared to other places of interest.My future in my own beloved country is the same as being stagnant. Yes, I see myself and feel so trapped inside of me.Sure, I wish for many things to change but the power is not within my grasp…. I cannot work alone fighting a lone power for no one dares listen or come near me. I am afraid too.Of course, I wish I could bring back a lot of things dear to my heart especially my stolen Harrod’s bear. How I wish I could do so much more for my country folks so that they can also see my true dilemma….trapped within.Being in an independent country is truly great because I have freedom. However, I do not feel free because this so-called freedom is filled with unequal fairness and priorities to certain people. How can it even be called independent or democratic when there is such priority given? My beloved country will be 50 years old next month but nobody dares to change or speak out about the possible change for the betterment of the country……still so trapped inside.Yes, I am talking about Malaysia and being a Malaysian, being me, being myself, being honest, being true.It might not be the most creative answer but this is truly me, truly Malaysian me, my true feelings, my very true colours.I only feel suppressed or intimidated when the walls have eyes everywhere I went or who I went out with, combined with reports handed over to my related people (not TheBear). No, it is not free to express myself or my feelings out loud…..not even here….for there is fear.I have done my part, how about you?—-♥—-Malaysia Boleh—-♥—–

  2. mudlist says:

    The Malays have nothing to complain about……It’s difficult to talk about openly. When did you last have a good conversation with a Malay about the situation in Malaysia? All I ever hear them reply to everything is that somebody or the whole world is hurting their culture. Their answer to everything. They are so defensive, it’s impossible to talk to them……

  3. teetotumwise says:

    I m with dead man and ayah pin.i feel like living in a artificial world now and the government is lie-ing to us.

  4. aigrets says:

    Dead Man Walking, ya… you are right, son… look at what kerajaan Malaysia did to me and my followers. Let’s build our new kingdom in a faraway island… where all religion and race can be one at peace finally…Ayah sayangkan anak semua ya… bersabar lah nak…

  5. grumphy says:

    I’m proud to be Malaysian…….Nothing to complaint…….

  6. liquids says:

    i clicked on the question to see what people would say and saw no answers……i was wondering what is the best things about your country and some yummy food from your country…..

  7. fluviograph says:

    sometimes, i hope i am israel citizen….

  8. phichol says:

    Being a minority the opportunities are very limited if u don’t work hard. Malaysia is a load of rubbish. Employers practices racial discrimination. Government is the worst of all when it comes to discrimination. Have u minorities thought about it, what will happen in the next 20yrs. Where will the minority be economically? Chief where r u? I’m joining you Ayah Pin.

  9. carrole says:

    Thankyou very much for being able to ”see” how true I am.As I wrote my ”essay”, I slowly became sad but continued to write with a very heavy heart, tinged with some humour, almost in tears by the time I signed out and went to bed. Report Abuse

  10. abater says:

    I’m proud to be a Msian as long as there is no war, no flood at the place I stay, still able to find cheap food

  11. oversurety says:

    Thankyou for the question which allowed me to pour out some of my true feelings which have been bottled up for too long. Feelings which would take too much time because there are too many things in my heart, which cannot be mentioned here. Khob khun ka :~) Report Abuse