Mac or PC?

I've owned a PC or a few years now and I want to upgrade. I want a computer that won't lag while I'm researching on the internet, writing an essay, listening to music, chatting with friends and playing a game all at the same time. I'm a multitasker, which is the main reason my computer lags. I've been told that a mac won't lag and is much better, but I've never used one before. Plus, I'm not a fan of vistaI plan to use my computer to surf the net, chat with friends, schoolwork (using microsoft office if it's relevant), play music and a few games. I'm hoping to buy photoshop and two Rosetta Stone progams as well. Maybe a slideshow or movie maker, I'm not too sure because my brother has that on his computer.I'm not too worried about the amount of space on the computer because I'll be saving all of my documents,aside from music, on my flashdrive.I honestly don't know a thing about Mac's so I need to know about everything you hook up like printers and copiers.Thank you!

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  1. ileitides says:

    i would get a windows computer because there is more software and you can upgrade all the components so it can run as fast as you want it to macs don’t have as much software for theme.hope that helped

  2. preabundant says:

    Get a Mac and use Windows on it too when you need it.Macs can dual boot Windows and OS X together if you choose. Dual booting will require you to buy or have a 32bit version full install of Windows XP or Vista using the bootcamp utility thats built into OS X leopard (see link below).You can play all your windows games natively with virtually no loss in speed. If you need to upgrade you graphics card regularly – then get a Mac Pro tower, otherwise get an iMac or something and put the money you sell it for later into a new machine when you upgrade. Macs really hold their value.You can also use Parallels or VMware Fusion to run Windows apps within OS X itself.You can then use all the Apps you use on Windows now and upgrade when it suits you. Note: there are Mac versions of Photoshop and MS Office.Apple produces some of the best move making software available. Some of full featured basic versions come bundled with every new mac – iMovie and iDvd come to mind. You can also move up to final cut pro and other professional grade apps when you are ready. If you get a mac – be prepared also to get an external (or extra internal if its a tower) hard drive. OS X leopard has the time machine automatic backup utility built in. Its worth its weight in gold. All you need to do is plug in a USB 2 drive into your mac and it will ask if you want to use it for backups.Macs rarely need drivers and the like for printers and peripherals. Just plug them in (even if they are not mac specific) and see if they work – usually they do. In the rare event yours doesnt – see the makers site and see if their support section has mac drivers. If its USB or Firewire then it probably will work fine with out any extra effort.

  3. benefaction says:

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  4. tanks says:

    I would stick with PC if I were you. Reasons:1. You’ll need time to get accustomed to Mac. Things are really different when you are in Mac, trust me, I’ve experienced it.2. Gaming in a Mac is mediocre. So many games are not supported in Mac.If your greatest concern is lag, it has nothing to do with the machine. You’ll just need to get more memory (RAM). Throw in 4 GB of RAM and you are set off blazing fast on a normal PC. Oh yeah, and make sure you get a fast CPU as well. All those Intel Core2 Duo should do the trick.

  5. grundke says:

    Windows is good for games, but the Mac beats it hands down for virtually anything else. Security in Windows a a joke – its so plagued with malware that you need real-time protection from a 3rd party vendor. [external link] …Windows also loves to grind to a halt with its continually fragmenting file system and registry bloat and corruptions. Of course, your Mac will just keep on running super fast :) So hey, the choice is yours and I’m such whichever way you go you’ll be happy.

  6. beetroot says:

    [external link] …

  7. helly says:

    if you are a pc user then stick with a PC unless you want to try out new stuff.

  8. copiously says:

    Mac … buisness… PC everthing… but not the best at everything tho… great for gaming … mac.. not good for gaming at all.

  9. projecture says:

    DEFINITELY MAC.Firstly, you said you like music, games, internet…When you buy the Mac, they will already give you a package called iLife. It has Video editing software, watching videos, Photo editor (or photoshop?), iTunes (listening to music)…IT’S BETTER in your case. Because it has everything you need. In PC, it doesn’t have any package, you need to download them, and you know what happens when you download… it gets slower and slower and eventually DEAD.You can buy Microsoft Office on Mac so you can do all your school work there!I personally am going to USA boarding school this year, cos I’m from Hong Kong. And I’m going to get a Mac too!:-D

  10. Lechea says:

    i love macsget a macit will solve all of your problems