Who is most responsible for the death of Julius Caeser? in The Tragedy of Julius Caeser?

I need ideas for my persuasive essay? I believe personally its cassius but if u think brutus is most responsible or maybe fate even if u think julius himself had it coming... I just need a idea to c if it follows up with my own

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2 Responses to “Who is most responsible for the death of Julius Caeser? in The Tragedy of Julius Caeser?”

  1. resurrectioner says:

    The person most responsible for the death of Julius Caesar is Julius Caesar. Brutus was just the instrument for his demise. Many lessons can be drawn today from Caesar’s time. Hugo Chavez is the clearest example, in which a head of state begins to devolve from an elected official to a dictator. It was Caesar’s own proclamations, labeling himself imperator, posturing as a general and his control of the military that led the Roman Senate to conspire to kill him.

  2. cn says:

    no, it’s not Brutus,he was just a senator. Ceasar was murdered because of his reforms, (: he would get al the power, and the senate was powerless) so ceaser had a lot of enemy’s. but I think Cicero was the evil-doer. He spread the idea that Caesar was a tyrant. The Senate became restless and killed ceasar.