Writting an essay and it says the word things alot. its a useless word. What is another word I can use?

You have to be more specific. Main Entry: thingPart of Speech: nounDefinition: something felt, seen, perceivedSynonyms: affair, anything, apparatus, article, being, body, business, circumstance, commodity, concept, concern, configuration, contrivance, corporeality, creature, device, element, entity, everything, existence, existent, fact, figure, form, gadget, goods, implement, individual, information, instrument, item, machine, material, materiality, matter, means, mechanism, object, part, person, phenomenon, piece, point, portion, shape, situation, stuff, subject, substance, tool, word

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2 Responses to “Writting an essay and it says the word things alot. its a useless word. What is another word I can use?”

  1. mrhoten says:

    It depends on the context, I guess. What about issues, topics, matters, situations? Hope I helped

  2. heraldess says:

    It depends on what “things” you are talking about. But usually, people use ideas, items, objects, or something like that as an alternative for things.