Is this thesis a good one?

I am writing a short essay about the play Julius Caesar. I have to decide who is the protagonist and compare the two men: Caesar and Brutus.........Anyways I need help coming up with a good thesis.I think the protagonist is Brutus.My thesis:While many scholars debate who the true protagonist is in Julius Caesar, Brutus is the central character.It sounds weak to me.....any help would be helpful :I

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  1. prolegomenon says:

    i think it kind of confuses the audience. you may want to explain your main idea a little more! But i think its a powerful statement that you should use in your introduction.

  2. freemsg says:

    its kinda okay but for a thesis you must round up your must say why you believe brutus is a protagonist.for example you could say :o n balance i believe that brutus is the main protagonist in the book ( no need to write julius caesar as it should be apparent by now) as he remains the most honourable character throughout the whole book. Furthermore, the main antagonist can be seen as marc antony due to his actions involving the death of Julius Caesar. In addition to this, Brutus was the only character who conspired to kill Julius Cesar for just reasons.