I need some help on starting my literary analysis paper?

I am doing it on both "At the 'Cadian Ball" and " The Storm" by Kate ChopinI know i have to say in the intro the story i am using, and i need to use a sentence that is not boring.Also do i say anything about the characters? If so, in the intro? or do i make a separate paragraph for mentioning them? or is that to close to a plot summary?Starting Essays has always been a struggle for me so any advice would be nice!Thanks in advance! :)

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  1. agenzia says:

    One of the classic ways of getting a reader involved in your piece is to begin with a question. The reader is compelled to continue reading in hopes of resolving the question in his or her mind.For example: Can you imagine life in Acadia before the war? Years later, old women would sit on their rockers and reminisce about the night of the ‘Cadian Ball.I think you could weave information about the characters into the plot summary and develop a narrative that would hold the attention of the reader.BTW…Excellent questions!