Macbook Pro vs. Macbook air?

I'm a student and was wondering what would be better for essays web browsing and light video editing, 13 inch macbook pro or 13 inch macbook air. I heard that a new, thinner macbook pro 13 inch is coming out in may/june 2012. Thanks.

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6 Responses to “Macbook Pro vs. Macbook air?”

  1. unconciliable says:

    The only difference between a MBP and MBA is the sheer size and weight. All the software and specs between the MBP/MBA are the same. I’m currently using a MBP 13 inch and it works marvelously for the jobs you mentioned so it all depends if you want to carry something heavy or light.

  2. trudgeons says:

    pro everytime

  3. loebner says:

    Both are great notebooks.depends on your needs. In general, if size and weight are most important = Air. If expansion (and an internal optical drive) is more important = Pro. If expansion and performance are important, consider a 15″ or 17″ =Pro.

  4. patrasc says:

    Pro. The Air was built to be light and thin: that’s its whole gimmick, it wasn’t designed for high performance or handling heavy duty tasks like video editing.

  5. dispensational says:

    Not a mac person, but if I had to choose, I’d pick macbook pro. It all depends if you do a lot of intensive cpu activites (if you do, pick pro). If you do more essays and web browsing, go with air.

  6. Watergate says:

    Macbook Air 1.6 / Macbook Pro (15) 2.5 4gb ram / Mac Mini 1.5 core solo