What should you do each time you use source material in an essay?

A) Use quotation marks to emphasize important wordsB) Prompt the audience to wonder why you have selected the specific source materialC) Underline the main ideasD) Use only the author's first name to demonstrate your familiarity with the textE) Connect the ideas in the source to the ideas in your essayF) Provide a signal phrase or lead-inG) Give a parenthetical citationH) State the source material (summary, paraphrase, or direct quotation)I) Document the source using a footnoteJ) Blend the source sentence seamlessly into your sentenceWhich of the above should i do?

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  1. isoimmunize says:

    I) There will be a number refering to the citation in the footnote below. You see details and examples in the link below.

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    G and H